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Dead Cells Pirate Captain

17 May 2017, Wednesday, 18:07:15


Pirate Captain

A captain of the seven seas, this cannon wielding giant is a force to be reckoned with! Whether it’s firing cannonballs or caving your non-existant skull in with their cannon, underestimating this naval fiend will surely be your downfall!

-Triple smash

Behavior: If it sees you it will fire a cannonball at you. The cannonball rolls for some distance before exploding with a pretty large range. The cannonballs can also be destroyed with any attack, causing them to blow up prematurely. If you are right next to it will do three quick smashes with its cannon, dealing a lot of damage. Although it may not look like it at first it can turn around in the middle of the smashes.

Strategy: As long as you keep your distance these guys are not a huge threat. Just make sure to keep pelting them with ranged attacks to blow up their cannonballs, or make sure to stay away for a moment to measure where their cannonball will blow up, and then just stay anywhere that’s not in the explosion’s range and not next to the captain as you deal with the other enemies, timing your jumps to avoid the cannonball. Ranged attacks also work very well due to their large stature.

However, do not get close to them unless you’ve stunned them first – their triple cannon smash is very fast and does a lot of damage – take them down with skills and ranged attacks whenever possible. Only get into melee range when you can assure your safety from their melee attack.

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