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Dead Cells Weapon Tier List

17 May 2017, Wednesday, 17:49:59


This tier list is ranked from E (This weapon is not useful at all) to S (This weapon is REALLY strong). Some ranks may be blank because no weapon could be considered in that tier. This tier list does NOT rank with weapon’s talents like biter ou bomb spawning, double damage, leech life, etc.

This guide will help you to know which weapon you need during your travel.

S : Twin Daggers / Rapier
A : –
B : Blood Sword / Assassin’s dagger / Cursed Sword / Frantic Sword
C : Flammable Sword / Spiteful Sword
D : Sadist Sword
E : –


S : Infantry’s Bow
A : Bow and Infinite Arrows
B : Hunter’s Longbow / Quick Bow
C : Heavy Crossbow
D : –
E : Ice Bow


S : –
A : Force Shield
B : Sturdy Shield / Spiked Shield
C : Blood Shield / Assault Shield
D :
E : Greed Shield


S : Electric Whip
A : Spear
B : Fire Torrent / Burning Mace /
C : Lightning Bolt
D : Whip / Throwing Knife
E : Frost Blast


S : Ivy Grenade / Magnetic Grenade
A : Flashbang / Flamethrower turret
B : Death Orb / Damage buffer / Biter Swarm / Cluster Bomb / Ice Grenade
C : Meat Grinder / Bear Trap / Horizontal Turret / Phaser
D : Grenade / Fire Grenade
E : Knife Storm / Grappling Hook

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