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Dead Rising 4 Combo Vehicle Blueprint Locations

7 December 2016, Wednesday, 23:08:22

Combo vehicle blueprint locations

Search the indicated location to find the corresponding combo vehicle blueprint:

MowerHawg (Mower + Kid’s Bike): Enter Ye Olde Toy Box in Medieval Town in Willamette Memorial Megaplex to find the vehicle blueprint on the counter.

Bogey Monster (Golf Cart + Balancer): Enter the Homerunners Store in Willamette Memorial Megaplex to find the vehicle blueprint on the counter.

Kill-O-Watt (Go Kart + Shopping Kart): Go to the go-kart racing track in center of Miami Boardwalk in Willamette Memorial Megaplex. Complete the race twice to unlock the central cage, which contains the vehicle blueprint.

Sling Rot (Hearse + Tow Truck): Go to the south side of the Emergency Shelter to find the vehicle blueprint on the side staircase of the church, which is located on the bottom-right end of Old Town, next to the cemetery.

Cryonic Commando (Antique Car + Snowmobile): The vehicle blueprint can be found in the white barn near an antique car in the West Ridge X-Mas Tree Lot, right next to the Hydroelectric Station. Proceed left from the Fireworks Stand on the north side of West Ridge. Continue to follow the path to find it on a stack of hay.

Warmonger (Military ORV + ATV): During the second case, reach the point where you meet Jessa next to a car at the exit in the parking garage in Willamette Memorial Megaplex. During this sequence, you can find the vehicle blueprint on the hood of the car.

Creep Fryer (Food Truck + Enduro Bike): First, get the key next to the alley door outside the Glitter Dolls Nightclub in North Peak. Then, enter the club and use the key to enter the panic room from the bathroom to find the vehicle blueprint inside.

Tread Maker: During the fifth case, reach the Hudson’s Dairy Farm in Tom’s House, then go upstairs to a bedroom. Open the closet and use the Spectrum Analyser to reveal a secret room. Enter the secret room, get the farm key, then open the garage to find the vehicle blueprint.


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