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Dead Rising 4 Training Manual Locations Guide

9 December 2016, Friday, 1:20:40


Training Manual locations
Search the indicated location to find the corresponding Training Manual. After collecting a Training Manual, the new skill will automatically become available to use. These are often hand-to-hand, unarmed special attacks that require a specific button combination.

Final Blow: It can be found in the comic book bins at the back of Tetro’s Comics & Collectibles in Old Town. The final hit before breaking a melee weapon automatically triggers a skill move.

Skill Move Efficiency: Purchase at the Level 3 Emergency Shelter in Willamette Memorial Megaplex. It reduces the hit count required to perform a skill move.

Precision Targeting: Purchase at the Level 3 Emergency Shelter in Old Town. While aiming a ranged weapon, flick the Right Analog-stick (controller) to aim at specific body parts.

Food Inventory Slot +2: Purchase at the Level 4 Emergency Shelter in West Ridge. It increases food inventory slots by 2.

Melee, Ranged, and Thrown Inventory Slots: It can be found on the monitor station on the second floor of the West Ridge Emergency Shelter. It increases melee, ranged, and thrown weapon inventory slots by 1.

Elemental Critical Hits (Explosive): It can be found in the lounge of Freebirds Gun Shack in North Peak. It increases the effectiveness of explosive-based critical hits with ranged weapons. Enemies are blown apart, and the killing zone is larger.

Inspiring Presence: Purchase at the Level 4 Emergency Shelter in North Peak. It increases health for all friendly survivors.

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