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Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™ – Mission 1 – One Last Fight – Coin Guide

16 September 2017, Saturday, 10:03:35


Mission 1 – One Last Fight
Contracts –
Completing ‘Burn the White Hound’ yields 450 coins
Completing ‘Industrial Espionage’ yields 450 coins
Level –
Albarca Station:
After breaking through the planks, on the left side of the station is Copper Wire. +10 (10/2050)
Past the guard, inside the sawmill hut is another Copper Wire, next to a grindstone. +10 (20/2050)
The Civilian leaning on the railings over the carriage yard carries a pouch of 10. +10 (30/2050)
The Eyeless witch that hangs out next to the stove carries a pouch of 30. +30 (60/2050)
In the Hounds’ area in the railyard there are two coins on a trunk. +2 (62/2050)
On a balcony on the north side of the street, there is a Coin of 5. +5 (67/2050)
Bookmaker’s Apartment:
The safe (code 451) contains an Umberwood Cigarette case, a Blood Amber Snuff Box, Silver Dust, a Heavy Pouch and Pouch, a Silver Cameo, 3 Coins of 5, 3 Coins of 2, and 4 Coins. +395 (462/2050)
On a counter, next to a large pan, there is a Heavy Pouch, 2 Coins of 2 and 1 Coin. +35 (497/2050)
On the table with the bonecharm there are some Pied Avocet Feathers. +10 (507/2050)
In the bathroom, on the shower floor there are some Bathing Salts. +15 (522/2050)
The Albarca Baths:
The Podium on the left just after entering has some Copper Wire. +10 (532/2050)
The Eyeless sitting on the bench has a Pouch of 10. +10 (542/2050)
Down the stairs into the boxing area, there is a chart, Konos Star Tables. +50 (592/2050)
On a bench next to the Eyeless witch practicing next to the punching back, there is a pouch of Silver Dust. +20 (612/2050)
On a bathhouse bench along the left side there is a Heavy Pouch. +30 (642/2050)
The Bookmaker is carrying a pouch of 30. +30 (672/2050)
The workbench next to the bar has a Copper Wire. +10 (682/2050)
Under the bar, there are 1 Coin of 5, 2 Coins of 2, and 2 Coins. +11 (693/2050)
In the bets storage area, there are 2 Coins of 2 and 2 Coins next to a bonecharm. +6 (699/2050)
In the cash register, there are 1 Coin of 5, 2 Coins of 2, and 2 coins. +11 (710/2050)
Locker Room:
One of the lockers on the right has a Pouch. +20 (730/2050)
One of the lockers towards the back has some Bathing Salts. +15 (745/2050)
In the shower area, there are some Bathing Salts sitting on the floor. +15 (760/2050)
Upper Level:
In the maintenance area accessible through the roof of the locker room, next to a bonecharm there is Copper Wire. +10 (770/2050)
A painting, “The Outsider in Conditional Dreams” hangs next to the scoreboard above the boxing ring. +200 (970/2050)
An Eyeless witch carries a Pouch of 30, she patrols around the furnace room. +30 (1000/2050)
On a workbench in the furnace room there is a Copper Wire. +10 (1010/2050)
The poker table in the room with Jeanette Lee and the Hounds has 2 Coins of 5 and 2 Coins. +12 (1022/2050)
In that same room, in the area with the sinks, there are some Bathing Salts, Silver Dust, and an Ivory Scrimshaw. +65 (1087/2050)
Down the stairs to the locker room, on and in a counter are 1 Coin of 5, 1 Coin of 2 and 4 Coins. +11 (1098/2050)
In the Bonecharm Workshop, on the left in a cubby is Processed Whale Oil. +10 (1108/2050)
In the Eyeless’ private bar, on the poker table, there are 1 Coin of 5, 2 Coins of 2 and 1 Coin. +10 (1118/2050)
Inside the drawer next to the bar, there are 2 Coins of 5, 1 Coin of 2, and 2 Coins. +14 (1132/2050)
‭In the cash register of the bar, there are 1 Coin of 5, 2 Coins of 2, and 2 Coins. +11 (1143/2050)
On the bar itself, next to 2 glasses, are 1 Coin of 5 and 1 Coin of 2. +7 (1150/2050)
Contract: White Hound. +450 (1600/2050)
Contract: Espionage. +450 (2050/2050)

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