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Divinity: Original Sin 2 PC Controls

14 September 2017, Thursday, 18:47:58


PC Controls

Keyboard and Mouse Controls

Left Mouse Button – Interact

Right Mouse Button – Cancel Action, Context Menu

Mouse Wheel – Toggle Camera Rotate

Mouse Scroll Up/Down – Camera Zoom In/Out Rotate Item Right/Left

W, A, S, D – Camera Movement

~ Tilde – Highlight Center

Del and End – Rotate Camera Left/Right

TAB – Toggle Combat Mode

Left Alt – Show World Tooltips

Left Ctrl – Destruction Toggle

Right Shift – Queue Command

ESC – Cancel Action, Skip Video

Home – Center Camera

Enter – Show Chat

B – Toggle Inventory

O – Toggle Tactical Camera

F5 or F8 – Quick Save/Load

{ ( ) } – Cycle Characters Previous/Next

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