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Dominions 5 – Pretender Death

4 December 2017, Monday, 14:53:12


Pretender Death

A pretender loses either one skill level in one path of magic or one point of dominion strength for each death suffered (unlike the global “one loss in each path” of previous Dominions games.) This does not affect bless effects, which remain what they were at the beginning of the game. The chance of losing magic is 50% + 10% per level of Nature magic that the pretender had when he died. If the pretender has no magic skills, it will always lose one point of dominion strength.

The magic skill most likely to be lost will be Nature, and the least likely to be lost is Death. In fact, there is even a small chance of gaining knowledge in Death magic when dying. There is an even smaller chance of gaining skill in Astral or Blood magic after death as well. The lessons of the Underworld are unpredictable.

No pretender can go below a dominion strength of 1, no matter how many times he/she/it dies.


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