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Dominions 5 – Scouting And Scrying

4 December 2017, Monday, 14:46:44


Scouting And Scrying

Players will not necessarily have any information about a province besides what it depicted on the actual map. There are many ways to gather information about provinces, and these methods differ in what information is learned.


Scout in province:

Reveals owner, military info, fort construction, history.

Reveals name and temperature of current and neighboring provinces.


Priest in province:

As scout + dominion strength and dominion owner.


Spy in province:

As scout + income, supplies, magic sites, unrest, province defense level and more accurate military info than an ordinary scout.


Dominion in province:

Reveals owner, income, temperature.

Reveals dominion strength of neighboring provinces.


Scrying a province:

Reveals name, owner, very accurate military info, income, supplies, magic sites, province defense level, history, temperature, dominion strength, dominion owner, fort constructions, unrest.


Owning a province:

Reveals everything about the province. Reveals name for provinces 1-3 steps away. Early era only reveals names of neighboring provinces, middle era reveals name of provinces two steps away, late era reveals the names of provinces three steps away. Reveals owner, unreliable military info and temperature for neighboring provinces.


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