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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – How to Get the “Yo Ho Ho Ho” Achievement

26 July 2017, Wednesday, 14:03:23


How to Get the “Yo Ho Ho Ho” Achievement

The Mini Golf Game Guide

The spacebar to be the most accurate way to make shots so I would recommend using the spacebar and sticking to that throughout the 18 holes.


Hole 1


Pretty straightforward, just line the arrow up with the hole.


Hole 2


Try to aim for the right edge of the hole and the ball should go right in.


Hole 3


Aim for the center of the obstacle as shown in the picture.


Hole 4


Aim for the left edge of the obstacle that’s highlighted red in the above image.


Hole 5


This one may take a few tries to get right but what you would do is aim for the gap between these two obstacles and make sure to get it as close to the right obstacle as possible.


Hole 6


Aim for the top of the obstacle as shown in the image and be careful not to overshoot into the gap.


Hole 7


Another one that may take a few tries to get right. Aim your arrow in the direction of the area highlighted red in the image.


Hole 8


If your arrow starts you off towards the left, just keep tapping the spacebar at the start and you’re guaranteed to make this shot. If your arrow starts you off towards the right, wait until the arrow is pointing toward the left wall barrier to shoot (but don’t let it go too far). It’ll take a few tries to get a hang of the latter method.


Hole 9


Aim for the corner made by the two left-most obstacles and the ball should bounce off of a few obstacles, including the obstacle highlighted red in the image, before finally making it into the hole.


Halfway-Point Save
Be sure to save your progress here if you’ve gotten all 9 hole-in-ones.

The last frame of the halfway-point dialogue is “Love ya, kiddo.”


Hole 10


Aim for that second corner created by the obstacles.


Hole 11


Make sure to aim this next shot into the opening with the parallel obstacles while at the same time trying to potentially hit that right parallel obstacle. This shot should go in after one bounce or a few so long as you aim, not straight forward, but slightly right of that.


Hole 12


Accidentally discovered a simpler way to make this hole than what I was originally doing: Just like with Hole 5, you’ll want to get as close to the obstacle directly in front of you as possible and aim for the area highlighted red in the image above on the parallel obstacle.


Hole 13


Just like with Hole 6, aim for the top of the first (this time curved) obstacle.


Hole 14


Aim for the left-most part of the obstacle furthest left.


Hole 15




Hole 16


Not as tricky as it looks but may still take a couple tries to get right. Just aim directly for the hole or the left-most edge of the hole.


Hole 17


No specific trick; I’ve just found that I make it into the hole more often than not when I shoot the ball in between these two obstacles.


Hole 18


The major tip that I can give for this hole is to make sure your game does not suffer from lag. If you’ve replayed this minigame several times, then you may want to exit to the main menu or the game entirely to stop any lag. Once that’s resolved, it will be much easier to aim your shot straight on into the opening of the skull obstacle.

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