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Eliosi’s Hunt Achievements

13 August 2017, Sunday, 21:54:23



I dreamed a dream
Unlock all other Achievements


This was MY GAME!
Play as the Prototype Guy


Evolution Stopped
Kill the Entity


Is this really a boss fight?
Defeat Eizlazir before he launches a single strike


Catch me if you can
Avoid being captured by the Ordunalos for 40 seconds


Friendly Fire
Have a bird killed by a Smashing Root


Run Eliosi, Run!
Destroy a checkpoint


Easy Mode
Complete a level having destroyed all its checkpoints (except Lady Swamp and Sieverr’s Factory)


I shot first!
Finish a level without dying (except Lady Swamp and Sieverr’s Factory)


I wasn’t paid for this
Have a Vrakio Mercenary killed by an environmental laser


Bird Barbecue
Toast 8 birds in 4 seconds


That’s MY Light of Eärendil!
Kill the Lady Swamp using only the flamethrower


Guns, lots of guns
Kill a Well Mutated Ordunalo with 4 different guns


Fire in the hole
Kill three enemies with a single grenade


Chain Reaction
Kill 5 Vrakio Mercenaries with a single shot


Bowling Time
Have 8 Beast Guards killed with environmental hazards


Collateral Damage
Kill a Badly Mutated Ordunalo using only reflected shots


Super Eliosi World
Throw a Hyena to its death


Eliosi Bandicoot
Complete 105% of the game


Dodge 6 kicks from a single Badly Mutated Ordunalo


I am the one who knocks
Finish Lady Swamp


Praise the Sun!
Finish Sieverr’s Factory


Fly, you fools!
Finish The Entity


Eliosi’s Fury Road
Finish Gul-karam Desert

A Mad Scientist’s Lab-yrinth
Finish LAB-yrinth

Now my watch begins
Become a bounty hunter

Gotta catch them all!
Collect your first drone part

You belong to me!
Collect all of the drone parts in Lady Swamp

Collect all of the drone parts in Sieverr’s Factory

Archaeological site
Collect all of the drone parts in The Entity

They stole it from us!
Collect all of the drone parts in Gul-karam Desert

Finding the Drone of fire
Collect all of the drone parts in LAB-yrinth

Pimp my drone
Make your first Upgrade

I know Kung Fu
Unlock the second tier of Upgrades

One bite at a time
Unlock the third tier of Upgrades


I am the DANGER
Make all the Upgrades


Shall we go a little faster?
Complete the time goal in Lady Swamp

Run don’t Walk
Complete the time goal in Sieverr’s Factory

Hasty tourist
Complete the time goal in The Entity

Now THIS is Podracing!
Complete the time goal in Gul-karam Desert

A* Master
Complete the time goal in LAB-yrinth

Is there anybody out there?
Collect your first Communicator


Hunt or be hunted
Collect the bonus item in Lady Swamp

Left! Right! I mean left!
Collect the bonus item in Sieverr’s Factory

The ground is NOT lava
Collect the bonus item in The Entity

Friends? I thought you said they were the enemies!
Collect the bonus item in Gul-karam Desert

Striking the same place twice
Collect the bonus item in LAB-yrinth

Enter the mute bounty hunters’ club
Complete 100% of the game

Shoot twice within 0.075 seconds

Survival of the fittest
Complete the game without upgrades

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