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Empyrion – Galactic Survival Console Commands

22 January 2018, Monday, 22:12:44


Console Commands 

All of the following commands are available via Telnet and from the in-game CONSOLE to Gamemasters, Moderators and Server Admins.


Help – Shows all of the available commands. Additionally, by prefixing a command with help, all of the options for that command will display;. e.g.: “help faction”.

Give – Lets you give credits to yourself. Example: give credit 100 (Only Available for Moderators)

Debugmenu – Activates the Debug Menu (Only Available for Moderators)

Destroy – You can destroy and ship, base, motorcycle… anything with an ID except players. (Only Available for Moderators)

Destroy [Struct ID]
Does not work on players

Destroy 4488115

Godmode – Makes you invulnerable and allows you to fly. (Only available for Gamemasters)

Teleport [coordinates] – Teleports you (and ship) to those coordinates.
Usage: Teleport -451 124 475
Spaces between the X, Y and Z coordinates are mandatory and Commas are optional. (Only available for Gamemasters)

Itemmenu – Itemmenu enables the H key to toggle the item menu like in creative. (Only available for Gamemasters)

Time [time value] – Get / set the global server time [can only be executed on servers].

-Specify a time value to set the server time to
-Exclusion of a parameter will show the current server time


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