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Endless Space® 2 – The Control Banner

9 July 2017, Sunday, 15:39:09


The Control Banner

The Control Banner at the top left of the screen allows you to navigate between the different major screens and options of your empire.




1. The Empire Screen has two key tabs: One for managing the star systems you control and another for viewing your progress towards the various Victory conditions. There are six different possible conditions, and you can follow all of them from this screen.

2. The Senate Screen allows you to track everything having to do with politics. Here you can see the influence of the political parties in your empire, review and vote on laws, and influence upcoming elections.

3. The Economy Screen houses a management interface for the Trading Companies and Luxury Resources of your empire.

4. The Technology Screen allows you to research new technologies such as System Improvements, new ship modules, planet colonization and terraforming, and other elements that help you to improve your empire.

5. The Military Screen is where you go to manage fleets and edit your Ship Designs.

6. The Hero Management Screen is where you go to manage Heroes and check the status of the Academy that trains them.

7. The Quest Screen is where you can follow the status of your active quests and the ongoing events in the galaxy.

8. The Diplomatic Screen shows you the status of the different empires in the galaxy and lets you engage in diplomatic discussions and negotiations.

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