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Endless Space® 2 – THE FIDSI

9 July 2017, Sunday, 14:57:36



The FIDSI represent the five basic resources of the game, and it is always in your interest to have as much of them as possible. They are:

• Food: used to grow planetary populations and sustain your empire.

• Industry: used to construct Improvements in your empire and ships for your fleets.

• Dust: a mysterious substance that is both the currency of the galaxy and a source of power.

• Science: used to research new technologies.

• Influence: used as a currency for diplomatic negotiations and to expand the frontiers and the influence of your empire.


As some planet types are more likely to produce certain types of FIDSI, you should choose the planets you colonize carefully. Please also note that a star system’s zone of influence will evolve over time, and will allow you to see further and exploit special nodes such as asteroid fields when they end up inside your frontiers.


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