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F1 2017 – Logitech G920 Force Feedback Settings

4 September 2017, Monday, 20:03:28


Vibration & Force Feedback Settings

In F1 2017, the force feedback is a lot stronger, especially over slight bumps, ripple strips, off-track elements etc.

I don’t mind the extra feedback whatsoever, it’s just the extra feedback with smaller elements, in particular curbs and bumps – that doesn’t quite feel right for me.

For me, there has to be a good balance with force feedback. Yes you want to feel the wheel, but you also don’t want unnecessary over-the-top feedback to affect you, especially when racing online with another 19 drivers. You also need to “enjoy” the drive.


Vibration & Force Feedback: ON
Force Feedback Strength: 115
On Track Effects: 25
Rumblestrip Effects: 20
Off Track Effects: 25
Wheel Weight: 100
Understeer Enhance: ON


Understeer Enhance is up to you. Personally I like it, as it gives me a bit more feedback where the level of grip is.

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