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Far Cry 5 – Bobblehead Locations Guide

15 April 2018, Sunday, 15:54:21

Bobblehead Locations

Why should I waste my time on this?
❧ They are required to complete the Mint Condition Side Quest.
❧ Finding one of them is also required to unlock the Pack Rat Trophy / Achievement.


Which region?
❧ Bobbleheads are found across all three regions.


How many Bobbleheads out there?
10 Bobbleheads in FC5.



Bobblehead # 1 – Feeney Residence: Kitchen counter

Bobblehead # 2 – Lansdowne Airstrip: Shelf left of entrance

Bobblehead # 3 – 8-Bit Pizza Bar: Kitchen

Bobblehead # 4 – Bradbury Tractor Shed: Small outside shed

Bobblehead # 5 – St. Isidore School: Small outside shed (Prepper Stash)

Bobblehead # 6 – South Park Entrance: Resting area outside

Bobblehead # 7 – Whitetail Park Ranger Station: Cabin

Bobblehead # 8 – Island in Cedar Lake: Cabin

Bobblehead # 9 – Baron Lumber Mill: Main Building Livingroom

Bobblehead # 10 – Whitetail Park Visitor Center: Shop


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