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Far Cry 5 – Vinyl Crate Locations Guide

15 April 2018, Sunday, 16:05:09

Vinyl Crate Locations

Why should I waste my time on this?
❧ They’re required to complete the Turn the Tables Side Quest.
❧ Finding one of them is also required to unlock the Pack Rat Trophy / Achievement.

Which region?
❧ Vinyl Crates are only found in the northern region, Whitetail Mountains (Jacob’s Region).

How many Vinyl Crates out there?
10 Vinyl Crate in FC5.


Here is an example of what a Vinyl Crate looks like:

A map with all locations can be bought from any general store, after having accepted the quest

Vinyl Crate # 1 – East of Baron Lumber Mill

Vinyl Crate # 2 – South of Widow’s Creek

Vinyl Crate # 3 – West of Clagett Bay

Vinyl Crate # 4 – Southern part of Moccassin River

Vinyl Crate # 5 – South of Wolf’s Den

Vinyl Crate # 6 – North-west of Fort Drubman

Vinyl Crate # 7 – West of F.A.N.G. Center

Vinyl Crate # 8 – West of Wolf’s Den

Vinyl Crate # 9 – West of Baron Lumber Mill

Vinyl Crate # 10 – Red Tail Cabin


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