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Far Cry 5 – Whiskey Cask Locations Guide

15 April 2018, Sunday, 16:24:02

Whiskey Cask Locations

How many Whiskey Cask out there?
15 Whiskey Cask Locations in Far Cry 5.


Why should I waste my time on this?
❧ Finding all Whiskey Casks is needed for the Whiskey River Side Mission.
❧ After you accept that mission, you can buy a map for all cask locations from any vendor in the game for $1200.
❧ Finding one of them is also required to unlock the Pack Rat Trophy / Achievement.


Which region?
❧ Whiskey Casks are only found in Jacob’s region, Whitetail Mountains, Faith & Dutch’s region
❧ They are all sunken in the water.
❧ You need to dive down to locate them.


Which perks can help you out?
❧ The perk “Human Fish” lets you swim faster and hold breath for longer which makes this easier.
❧ Only costs 1 perk point.


In the pictures below all the locations are circled in red color:


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