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Fate/EXTELLA Bond Answers Guide

25 July 2017, Tuesday, 23:09:29


Bond Answers

Flame Poem Arc

“It felt like holding hands with you.”
“We’re still alive, thanks to you.”
“The third [player name]’s Servant.”
“If you’re near me, then that’s all I need.”


Orchid Winds Arc

“…Are you planning to lock me away in the ring again?”
“You seem less queenly here in this room.”
“How strong do you think Saber is?”
“Elizabeth might barge in again…”
“I did admire her, yes.”
“I don’t want that either.”
“I choose nothing.”


Dawn Arc

“I think that sounds kind of depressing.”
“I can put up with it until tomorrow.”
“…I’m sorry.”
“Are you jealous?”
“It certainly is a nice sword.”
“That does sound like a dream.”
“I don’t know.”


Golden Poem Arc

“Well this is My Room…”
“You should look deep within yourself for the answer.”
“I think he means we’ll definitely save her.”
“He sounds like a great uncle.”

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