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Final Fantasy 15 Final Boss Fight and Game Ending

29 November 2016, Tuesday, 14:54:07


Final Boss Fight and Game Ending
Defeat the final Boss in Chapter 14 to get the “Homecoming” achievement. After the credits, you will be asked if you want to create a save game. Choose “Yes” so you can load this save later to free roam after the story. You can go back anywhere in the open world to finish side quests and other activities you have not yet completed (nothing is missable). At a lodging, you can use Umbra’s powers to return to Lucis and Altissia. The final boss is “Ardyn” — a character you will encounter numerous times throughout the story. He uses the same weapon attacks as you. He switches between different weapon types, but the combos are the same you are used to from your own weapons. Phase his attacks (hold X) and attack after he finishes a combo. Counter-attack whenever possible. If you are lucky, you will get the LT prompt to summon a god that will instantly deplete his health. In the second part of the fight, you are both flying around. When you hold [Attack], it will automatically fire projectiles at him. He deals a lot of damage in this part, so use health potions if necessary. After that, you just need to finish a little QTE event to view the ending cutscene.


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