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Fire Pro Wrestling World – Landmine Deathmatch Game Mode

13 July 2017, Thursday, 23:02:11


Landmine Deathmatch

The ring is surrounded by landmines wrapped in barbed wire. You can also set hazards in the corner posts.




Landmines are set around the ring wrapped in barbed wire. When the wrestler is tossed outside the ring, an explosion occurs, inflicting damage to the wrestler.



Boards wrapped in barbed wire are placed on the corner posts. When the wrestler is whipped into the wire, they take heavy damage.



Boards lined with fluorescent tubes are placed on the corner posts. You can grab a tube to use as a weapon by pressing the Y button + towards the corner on the directional pad/left stick.

If the wrestler is whipped into the tubes, they take heavy damage. The tubes break upon impact and all tubes will be broken after 3 impacts. Once all tubes are broken, you can no longer grab them as a weapon and impact damage returns to normal.



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