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Fire Pro Wrestling World Match Rules

12 July 2017, Wednesday, 0:28:21


Match Rules

Win Condition – Decide the victory condition: 3 count, 2 count, Fall Only, Give Up, and Escape in Cage Deathmatch.

Over-Tope Rope – Wrestlers can be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope.

Time – Decide match duration: 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 minutes, or unlimited.

Matches – Set number of matches to play: 1 match or best of 3.

CPU Level – Set CPU skill level. (1 lowest ~ 10 highest.)

Speed – Set match speed from 100% ~ 800%.

COM Skip – Set ON/OFF to skip a match between CPU wrestlers.

Rope – Pins and submission holds are broken if a wrestler is touching the rope.

Elimination – Match continues until all the wrestlers from one team are eliminated in a multi-wrestler match.

Lumber – Wrestlers automatically return to the ring after being thrown out or exiting the ring.

Tornado – All participating wrestlers in a tag match are allowed in the ring at the same time.

Cut Play – During a tag match, teammates are allowed to interfere if a wrestler is in danger of being pinned or under a submission hold.

DQ Count – The referee counts to 5 for an illegal act, and the wrestler is disqualified if the act is still present at count 5.

Outside – The referee counts to 20 when a wrestler is outside the ring.

Critical – Select the frequency rate for Critical Hits.

Match BGM – Select the background music for the match.

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