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Fire Pro Wrestling World Special Skill Guide

11 July 2017, Tuesday, 23:43:23


Special Skills

Stardom – Gets involved with the audience and repeats popular moves.

Q. Return – Recover immediately after taking a big move.

Over Turn  Becomes more concentrated under disadvantage circumstances.

Start Dash – Shows great strength at the beginning of the match.

Guts – Doesn’t give up easily.

Strikeback – Rejuvenates and strikes back when the opponent show signs of fatigue.

Finisher – Extremely effective finisher.

Blood – Becomes stronger when starting to bleed.

Hardcore – Weapon specialist.

Focus – Focused during the match and has a higher rate of evading a striking attack, submissions, and technical moves.

Adapt – Flexible body and has a higher rate to avoid suplexes and power moves.

Hardbody – Strong and healthy body.

Superstar – Stardom and a strong finisher (signature move).

Warrior – Quick kill and immediate recovery.

Second Wind – Strong will to stand up and the ability to over turn the match under disadvantage circumstances.

Rage – Strong will to stand up and be rejuvenated when the opponent is fatigued.

Banish – Very focused and can over turn the match under disadvantage circumstances.

Spirit – Bring out the best from your opponent and gain power when the chips are down.

Monster – Star power, a strong critical finisher, and a flexible body.

Do or Die – Strong guts and can strike back and over turn the match.

Reborn – Strong guts, concentration, and a strong iron body.

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Name : Anon | Comment Date : September 7th, 2017

This is SUPER f***ing vague. Can we please get a more detailed description of what goes on?! Thanks

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