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Fire Pro Wrestling World – Xbox 360 Gamepad Basic Controls

12 July 2017, Wednesday, 11:00:25


Grappling and Doing Moves
Unlike other traditional wrestling video games the grappling system is done automatically as opposed to having a dedicated button. Just stand next to your oppenent and the wrestlers will grapple eachother.

Now for the timing element that makes this game so much fun,
When the wrestlers go for a grapple, as soon as there hands touch, that is when you want to press a key combination. Key combinations can be anything with:
X – Small attack
A – medium attack
B – Strong attack

Also combined with moving the left joystick in whatever direction being Up, Down, Left, or Right.
Dont button mash and make sure you rpess both inputs at the exact same time, dont try to hold down one and then time the other. Learning the timing is key to success.



Other useful Buttons and Stuff to Remember.
As for other keys and things to remember:

When your character is tired holding LB will let them breathe and they can regain stanima that way.

Down + Y – will allow you to pick up weapons

When in a grapple pressing Y will Irish Whip your apponent wherever your joystick is facing.

RT – will allow you to pin your apponent.

X – near the ropes will allow to exit the ring.

X – near the apron will allow to climb back into the ring

X – near the corner will allow you to climb up the turnbuckle

X – in a cage will allow you to climb up the corner of the cage

X and down – on a downed apponent lifts them up

LB – in the corner near your ally (in a tag team macth) will allow you to tag your partner in.\

Finshers – are unique and different for every wrestler. They can be mapped to different keys.

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