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Fortnite: Save The World Cheats

12 April 2018, Thursday, 15:06:43


Unlimited Nuts and Bolts Glitch

In the Save The World PvE Mode, you can do a Nuts and Bolts glitch to get lots of this crafting material for weapon ammo. Complete the quest that gives you the hoverboard & boost pad (straight) schematic. Then go into your inventory’s Schematics section to buy as many as you can (for 2 nuts and bolts & 1 plank) as you get more back (3 nuts and bolts & 2 planks) when you sell each one!

This video shows how to get unlimited Nuts and Bolts in Fortnite Save The World:



Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. It is likely to eventually get patched.


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