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Friday the 13th: The Game Counselor Guide

9 May 2017, Tuesday, 3:17:00


There are 3 types of counselors.

Defenders: They can hit hard and put a fight to Jason. They’re main task is to protect nerds and runners.
Adam Palomino
Brandon Wilson
Jenny Myers
Those people at the beginning of the game should search for a weapon, med sprays and pocket knifes. Leave flares to runners and nerds. You should stick with the nerds, to protect them from Jason. You can try to kill Jason, but you need all the counselors to attack with you.

Runners: They can run and get the parts for car and boat. When they are in danger they can run away pretty fast. However, if they don’t have stamina left they are screwed.
Chad Kensington
Vanessa Jones
Tifanny Cox
At the start of the game search the nearest cabin and search for pocket knife, flare and med spray. Then go run to find car parts and drop them near the car so nerds can quickly install them. If jason shows up, shoot the flare at him and run away. Do not try to install or fix car or phone.

Nerds: They are pretty stealthy and smart. It takes them only few seconds to fix a car or a phone. They aren’t too good on running away.
A.J. Mason
Deobrah Kim
Eric J.R. Lachappa
When the game starts, try to search for flare gun, pocket knife and car keys. Then try to find some parts. Unite with a defender and fix the phone. You are a president and everyone should protect you.

and there is Kenny who is a mix of all, and Tommy Jarvis who has the best stats of all.

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