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Friday the 13th: The Game How to Kill Jason Voorhees: A Step by Step Guide

26 May 2017, Friday, 12:54:27


Killing the Crystal Lake Slasher
STEP 1 – The Sweater
Any female counselor (with the exception of A.J.) must find Jason’s Shack. Then, they must pick up Pamela’s sweater from the shrine.

STEP 2 – The Unmasking
Jason must loose his mask, this can be done by doing enough damage to his head while in Combat Mode (activated by C).

STEP 2.5 – Tommy
Tommy Jarvis must be called and on the map.

STEP 3 – The Mask
Have Tommy Jarvis pick up Jason’s mask after it falls off.

STEP 4 – The Machete
Tommy Jarvis must head to the Shrine and pick up the machete there.

STEP 5 – The Mother
The female counselor with the sweater must find Jason, then press Q within proximity. This will cause Jason to become stunned. Then, the female counselor must hit Jason in the head with Combat Mode, causing him to fall to his knees.

STEP 6 – The Death of Jason Voorhees
After Jason falls to his knees, Tommy must quickly run up to Jason and press E. Then, sit back, and watch the show.

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