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Friday the 13th: The Game Xbox One Controls

26 May 2017, Friday, 1:18:25


Friday the 13th: The Game Xbox One Controls

Here are the controls with an XBOX One controller.

Y button – Use Ability/Rage (abilities active)/Throw Knife
B button – Crouch/Hold Breath/Morph (abilities active)
A button – Interact/Break free/Sense (abilities active)/Regain Composure After Stun
X button – Use Small Item/Shift (abilities active)

Left Stick – Movement/Sprint (Pressed)
Right Stick – Look/Combat (Pressed)

Left Trigger – Dodge (Combat)/Aim/Grab
Left Bumper – Rear View
Right Trigger – Attack/Use Large Item
Right Bumper – Block (Combat)/Flashlight/Enable Abilities

D-pad UP – Scoreboard
D-pad RIGHT – Inventory (next)
D-pad DOWN – Drop Item
D-pad LEFT – Inventory (previous)

BACK button – Map
START button – Pause Menu




Note: Click image to view full size




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