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Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – Gardens of Midknight

15 August 2017, Tuesday, 15:10:35


Wilderness starts in the Gardens of Midknight map. If you want to make things easier go to the Village of Crowl first and recruit Raghilda at the Wayfarer’s Inn, then go to Briarpatch Woods from there and recruit Little Rosy (Random Encounter).


Gardens of Midknight

1. Monolith Covered in Glyphs.


1. Shallow Water – Swamp Leech, Detoxifys in exchange for damage.

2. Bush – Elysium Berries

3. Bush- Galen Apple, Cures Disease

Very rarely you can get a Common Gate Key drop after battles in this area.






Stinkbug – Can Poison. Susceptible to Sleep, Charm
Fire Beetle – Can Irritate. Susceptible to Sleep, Charm
Mudwasp – Can Irritate. Susceptable to Sleep, Charm
Glowmoth – Can Blind. Susceptable to Sleep, Charm
Night Lily – Can Poison. Susceptable to Sleep, Charm
Chlorazoid – Susceptable to Sleep, Charm
Phangshrub – Susceptable to Sleep, Charm
Black Bats – Can Disease. Susceptible to Sleep, Charm, Shrill Sound
Giant Bat – Can Drain Vit/Sleep. Susceptible to Sleep, Charm, Shrill Sound
Brigands – Susceptible to Sleep, Charm, Insanity

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