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Grimoire : Heralds of the Winged Exemplar – How to Find the Cathedral Bell

14 August 2017, Monday, 3:50:26


How to Find the Cathedral Bell

Cathedral Bell and the Sea

To find the Cathedral Bell, you need to talk to the Admiral on board of the ship in Loch Lalain. You can either recruit him for a bit, or steal the diving helmet from him or simply kill him.

The pieces of the bell can be found on the three water maps (Loch Lalain, Titan and Sargasso). Either cast Detect Item to find the pieces or use Detect Secret and visit every water tile.

Once you are on the tile where a piece of the bell is located. Have someone put on the diving helmet and then choose Look.

When you have all 5 pieces, put them together to form the bell. This needs to go back to the Cathedral, where you put the bell back, then use the dial in that room which retracts the bell rope and then downstrais in the room with the vase pull on the metal rope hanging from the ceiling.

This will free Balderdash.

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