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GTA 5 PC Game Controls/Keys

4 February 2016, Thursday, 14:46:24


Navigate Tabs- Left/Right arrow keys
Navigate Menu- Up/Down arrow keys
Select Tab- Enter key
Default- Space key
Go Back- Escape key


On Foot controls:-

Move- W,S,A&D keys
Sprint- L.Shift key
Jump/Climb- Space keys
Stealth- Alt key Special Ability- L.Ctrl key Enter/Exit Vehicle- F key
Action- E key
Change Camera- V key
Radar Zoom- T key


Cover- Q key
Reload- R key
Weapon Wheel- C key (hold)
Weapon Select- Mouse/1-8 Numerical keys
Weapon Navigate in same slot- Left/Right arrow keys
Shoot- LMB
Aim- RMB
Aim Down the sight- Mouse wheel Zoom aim- Mouse Wheel Throw grenades/sticky bombs- G key
Punch- LMB
Target Lock- RMB
Kick- Q key
Dodge- Space key
Combat Roll- W,S,A &D + Space while aiming


Character Wheel:-

Open character wheel- Enter key (hold)
Select Character- Arrow Keys
Mobile Phone:-
Bring up- Up arrow key
Menu Navigation- Arrow Keys
Select App- Enter key
Go Back/Hangup phone- Backspace key
Enter Number- Left arrow key Delete Message- Right arrow key Reply to text/sms- Left arrow key Lines skip during conversation- Down arrow key


In Vehicle:-

Accelerate/Plane Pitch Down/Helicopter Ascend- W key
Brake/Reverse(when stopped)/Plane Pitch Up/Helicopter Descend- S key
Steer/Roll- A&D keys
Enter/Exit- F key
Plane Throttle/Helicopter lean- Num.8 & Num.5
Turret/Yaw- Num.4 & Num.6
Convertible Roof- Y key(hold)
Radio Wheel- R key Radio Off- X key
Change Weapon- Q key
Headlights- L key
Horn/Siren- H key
Duck- G key
Look Behind- C key
Special Ability- L.Ctrl key
Radar Zoom- T key
Taxi Missions/Landing Gear- E key
Handbrake- Space key
Aim- RMB+ Mouse move
Shoot drive-by weapon- LMB
Shoot Secondary weapon- L.Shift key
Change Camera- V key

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