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.hack//G.U. Last Recode Cheat Codes

9 November 2017, Thursday, 14:16:55



Bike Time Trial Glitch

1. Go to the bike mission (𝛉 Passing Something Something)

2. Ignore those normal Chim-Chims and go straight to King Chim (But you need to know the requirement to finish Bike Mission Campaign is to bump 3000 Chim-Chim)

3. Just before you hit the king Chim-Chim, press Back (On Controller) to show the Map and the press B (XBOX) or Circle button (DS4) and the mission should completed. If not, then your timing still not good enough, does not matter which King Chim you bump, you’ll get 3 King Chims for 1 King Chim if you press Back/Select button.


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