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Hairy Little Buggers Achievements

23 June 2017, Friday, 23:24:03



Dug dirt!
Congrats! You’ve started digging your first fortress!


You’ve got wood!
Cut down a tree & make logs.


Slaughter a Goblin.


Architect for the Queen
Drop a Throne blueprint.


For your honor!
Recruit a Knight.


Rapidly growing wood!
Have a Forester plant a seedling.


Fallen Fortress
Have no Dwarrow alive


Architect for the Lord
Drop an Altar blueprint


La Reine est Morte
Your Queen is dead, her lineage ended. Shuffled off her mortal coil, to encounter darkness, and rot away.


Find the Arkenstone
Win a map by finding the Arkenstone deep within the ground.


Promote a Doctor
Train and equip a plague doctor to combat the foul miasma.


Demon Slayer
Have one of your Knights send a demon back from whence it came.

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