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Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition Cheat Codes

10 August 2017, Thursday, 15:02:28


Cheat Codes

First go into settings, gameplay then dev mode then close that and press ` or ~ tilde (The Key Above TAB) to open the console. Then type one of the following cheat codes below;


Cheat Code    Result

GenerateOfficer(“officer name”, GetFaction(“terran”))

CreditResource(‘crew’, 90000) – 90000 crew

CreditResource(‘materials’, 90000) – Gain 90000 materials

CreditResource(‘dark_matter’, 90000) – Gain 90000 dark matter

CreditResource(‘fuel’, 90000) – 90000 fuel

CreditResource(‘drones’, 999999) – 999999 drones


Note: You can copy these cheat codes by using Ctrl + C key combination and to paste directly into the console by using Ctrl + V.

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