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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – Dislikes (From Tabitha)

17 November 2017, Friday, 22:36:05


Dislikes (From Tabitha)

Nova Dislikes : Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots
Dean Dislikes : Green Peppers
Elise Dislikes : Spicy Stuff
Jeanne Dislikes : Ores
Sofia Dislikes : Eggs, Milk, Animal Fur
Melanie Dislikes : Watermelons
Naomi Dislikes : Pasta
Tabitha Dislikes : Cabbage
Cyril Dislikes : Stone, Lumber, Animal Fur
Gabriel Dislikes : Grapefruit
Gareth Dislikes : Fish
Bastian Dislikes : Animal Fur


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