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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – Mountain Repairs

18 November 2017, Saturday, 21:46:47


Mountain Repairs

NameMaterial – Cost

Bridge 2 (Mine) – 5x Softwood Lumber – 600G

Gus’s Smithy – 20x Softwood Lumber – 500G

Mine – 10x Softwood Lumber – 500G

Doc’s Architects – 10x Material Stone, 3x Iron, 2x Glass – 1000G

Bridge 1 (Livestock) – 5x Softwood Lumber, 2x Softwood – 600G

Sofia’s Livestock – 5x Softwood, 10x Material Stone – 300G

Bridge (H.G. Spring) – 10x Material Stone, 5x Softwood – 1000G

Bridge (Waterfall) – 5x Softwood, 10x Material Stone – 300G

Hot Springs – 5x Hardwood – 500G

Well (Grassy 1) – 5x Hardwood, 3x Orichalcum – 1000G

Well (In front of Mine) – 5x Hardwood, 3x Orichalcum – 1000G

Well (Dry) – 5x Hardwood, 3x Orichalcum – 1000G

Fertilizer Bin – 20x Hardwood – 1000G

Windmill – 10x Hardwood, 2x Bronze – 3000G


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