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Holdfast: Nations At War Console Commands

22 September 2017, Friday, 16:31:53


Console Commands

Logging into Admin
To log into admin, open the ‘F1’ console and type in:

– rc login x

where X = Current admin password


Kicking Player
– Rc serverAdmin x y
Where x = kick
And y = players ID (eg. 2)


– Rc serverAdmin x y
Where x = ban
And y = player ID (eg. 2)


– rc broadcast x
where x = your message


Changing Map
– rc mapRotation x
where x = Rotation number


Dynamic Weather
– rc nature weather dynamicWeather x
Where x = true (enabled) OR false (disabled)


Transition to Specific Weather
– Rc nature weather preset x y
Where x = pre-set type (eg snowy (you can only choose one))
And y = time to transition (5 – 900, official documents recommend 30 minimum)


Enable Dynamic Time
– rc nature time dynamicTime x
where x = true (enabled) OR false (disabled)


Change Dynamic Time Cycle Speed
– rc nature time dynamicTimeSpeed x
Where x = speed of cycle


Change Time of Day (Static)
– rc nature time hour x
where x = time (works on a 24 hour clock, 1 – 24)


Enable Free Flight Camera
– Rc set freeflightCameraAllowed x
Where x = true (enabled) OR false (disabled)


Disable VOIP
– Rc set voiceChatEnabled x
Where x = true (enabled) OR false (disabled)

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