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Horizon: Zero Dawn How to Get a Permanent Mount Guide

28 February 2017, Tuesday, 19:41:05


Getting a permanent mount
One feature in the game is that you can override certain machines and use them as a mount. You can then ride them like a horse, which makes navigating the huge open world much quicker. Normally when you catch one of these machines, it will eventually disappear because machines only stay overridden for a set amount of time and then disappear. However, there is an easy way to unlock permanent mounts. They can also help you in battle. You can call a mount whenever desired and as many times as you want (the only restriction is that they are not allowed in cities). Go to the skill menu and buy “Call Mount +” (Forager skill tree). This skill calls a new overridden mount if no mount is available. To unlock the skill, you need to unlock other skills in this tree and three skill points to buy it. It is recommended to get it as early as possible, especially because the mount is really useful in combat. A quick way to get skill points early in the game is to climb all Tallnecks (there are five and each one gives one skill point).

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