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How to Show The FPS in Mass Effect Andromeda?

19 March 2017, Sunday, 21:22:33


In this tutorial you will learn how to enable the FPS overlay in Mass Effect Andromeda, so that you can check out with how much frames per second you can run the game.



How to Show the FPS in Mass Effect Andromeda

The following method is very simple and the best method if we just want to show the FPS for a short period.

Just open the Mass Effect Andromeda console with the tilde key (~).
In the console we have to type the command “perfoverlay.drawfps 1” without the quotation marks please and confirm the command with the return key.




How to disable the FPS overlay in Mass Effect Andromeda

Just open the Mass Effect Andromeda console again with the tilde key (~).

This time we have to type the command “perfoverlay.drawfps 0” without the quotation marks and use the return key to confirm.
By the way, the FPS overlay will also be disabled if we just restart the game.


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