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Ironbound Perks

4 January 2018, Thursday, 13:27:43



Perks are unlocked and upgraded based on certain achievements in ranked multiplayer games. Each perk has 5 levels. Players can select one perk to be active during a game. The perks are:


Cruelty: gives a bonus to the critical hit chance. The perk level is based on the number of ranked games won and increases the bonus.

Mastery: class-specific ability enabled while the class special state is active. The perk level is based on the maximum multiplayer rating achieved, and increases the chance of triggering the ability.

Resilience: adds a chance to gain a class-specific token each time you receive a critical hit. The tokens are: Bloodbath for Berserker, Beacon of Light for Crusader, Poison Blades for Assassin and Fire Chant for Witch. The perk level is based on the length of the maximum winning streak, and increases the chance to get the token.

The abilities granted by Mastery are:

Berserker: chance to double weapon damage for every attack
Crusader: chance to double any healing spell
Assassin: chance to not break Stealth when attacking
Witch: chance to recover 2 Action Points after each action played

(Remember, Mastery only applies in the class special state.)


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