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Just Ignore Them Hidden Achievements Guide

17 May 2017, Wednesday, 18:35:21


Hidden Achievements

This guide is to help you make a achieve score to gain a few of the hidden achievements. If you’re a first time player, I’d advise you to complete the game first before reading this guide.

Here is the score table on which choices give you either a +1 OR -1 .

-Telling the Diner Girl your story: Yes = +1

-Giving the Video Tape to Brea: = +1

-Telling Brea about loving the Diner Girl: No = +1

-Use the Gun on Mark in the Plane: = -1

(To use the Gun on Mark, you must give the Video Tape to Bill In the Motel Scene to activate this sequence.)

-Killing time with Brea: Yes = +1 No = -1

-To unlock the achievement “Is This The Right Thing To Do?”, you must enter Dave’s apartment with a score of only 1.

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