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15 June 2017, Thursday, 23:21:22


*Cue dramatic music*

Before you leave your room, take $1 from your bank and pick up the flower from Cindy. Wow, this looks familiar, right?
Talk to Nugget.
Choose the option to be his friend
Give him the flower.
He will give you a nugget of friendship and a device.
Buy the yo yo from Monty ($1).
Speak to Cindy, agree to be her boyfriend, and to use the gum on Lily.
Talk to Lily.
When given the option, tell her about the gum, gaining her trust. Definitely familiar territory here….
Use up any leftover apples (ENTER key, worth a quarter each)

Talk to Nugget.
He tells you to find the “hidden” nugget. (Durr hurr hurr.)
Talk to Jerome
Agree to help, but when he distracts the teacher, snag the nugget instead.
He will take the pass back. (Sorrynotsorry)
Show Nugget the nugget.
He will ask you to give Lily a letter. (We all remember how this went. *Maniacal laughter*)
(NOTE: If you did not gain her trust in the schoolyard, she will refuse and you must restart the whole day.)
Give the letter to Lily.
Let the teacher start reading it. Heeheehee, just as good this time around.
Afterwards, Nugget gives you a nugget. (Sorry kid.)
Use up any leftover apples (ENTER key, worth a quarter each)

Talk to Nugget
He tells you to give Buggs the poison nugget.
Talk to Buggs
Tell him he’s a sissy if he doesn’t eat it, and that it is Cindy who thinks so. SO satisfying.
Return to Nugget.
He will give you the fourth Nugget of Friendship.
Talk to Lily.
Accept the donut.
Use up any leftover apples (ENTER key, worth a quarter each)

Talk to Nugget (Quel surprise!)
Agree to help.
Put the device behind the statue
Talk to Lily.
The statue will blow up, and Lily be sent to the principal. Well, the eye sore is gone!
To avoid the same fate, give the teacher the donut (figures that’s her price)
Go back to Nugget.
Enter the Nugget Cave
Interact with the sign at the back.
Use the option for your deck of Monstermon cards.
Click through dialogue and enjoy the show (and teasing).

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