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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Agility Perks

12 February 2018, Monday, 3:50:39


Agility Perks

Agility Perks in Kingdom Come Deliverance are accessible by the player upon reaching certain levels of Agility.



NameRequirements – Effect

Featherweight – Agi LvL 4 – Falling will cause you 30% less injury.

Fast Striker – Agi LvL 8 – Your attacks will demand 30% less Stamina, but will also cause 20% less injury. Applies only to weapons that are based on Agility.

Light Armour – Agi LvL 8 – If you’re not wearing plate armour, it will be 50% easier for you to dodge strikes in combat.

Perfect Throw – Agi LvL 12 – You have a better chance of throwing winning dice.

Taunt – Agi LvL 12 – A successful evasion during combat will lower your opponent’s morale.


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