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Kona All Talisman Locations Guide

27 March 2017, Monday, 2:18:55


Here is a guide for all 6 Talismans in the game.

Note. You need magnet on a string and a crowbar to get all Talismans.

Talisman 1: First one can be found directly ontop of the General Store Toilet icon on the map. Hole in the ground. (Garbage bag at a tree direcly near it).

Talisman 2: Above the letters “or” in “Store” on map, there will be a circle of totems looking towards a rock. Open rock with crowbar.

Talisman 3: Southwest of Roy’s house. First time you go hear you will come across some wolfs digging in the ground, there is the Talisman.

Talisman 4: Directly south of Bédard’s house there will be a campfire. There will be a rock marked by two trees crossing each other. Use crowbar to lift rock.

Talisman 5: Across from Doc’s house, close to the sign poiting towards the house, just over the fence near the sign (towards the bridge). Hole in the ground.

Talisman 6: North of Lamothe’s house. Close to wather, below the cliff where you find the Seat for the Snowmobile. Hole in the ground.

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