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Late Shift True Ending Guide

23 April 2017, Sunday, 16:16:58


True Ending

The only ending where Mei and Matt end up together; happy and with a lot of money. To proc this ending you just win the favour of Mei, these are the important choices.

-Agree that Mei-Ling is a worthy cause for the night
-Allow Mei-Ling to keep bidding
-Don’t screw up the hiest (to allow her to drive you back)
-Hi five her
-Insist to go to Woe and force Mei-Ling with you
-Then Kiss her
-Escape the hotel by breaking the window (choose window option twice)
-Trust her giving her the fake cup
-Agree to trust her
-Don’t fight the Chav
-In hospital get information from Sebastien
-Go to the acution house and up the elavator and decide to stay once you get caught
-In the elavator choose to go to the carpack
-and enter the van
-accept the phone call
-go to Parr’s manor
-Convince him that the cup is a fake
-Don’t stop him from droping it
-and you should have the ending.


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