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Mass Effect Andromeda How to Activate Console Commands Permanently

20 March 2017, Monday, 15:01:09


There are many console commands with different purposes in Mass Effect Andromeda. You can not only activate the commands via console, in some cases you might want to have certain commands enabled permanently, and that’s where a configuration file comes in very handy. In this guide you will learn how to create a config file for Mass Effect Andromeda, where you can store your favorite functions to have them activated all the time.


How to create a configuration file for Mass Effect Andromeda?

First you have to open your Windows text editor called Notepad.
Now we type all our favorite console commands line by line into the file.
If you are done and there is a line for each of your commands, you have to save the file in the Mass Effect Andromeda folder named as “user.cfg”. Choose “Save as” in the “File” menu of Notepad. Find the Mass Effect Andromeda folder, the standard folder should be located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect Andromeda” unless you installed Origin somewhere else. Call your text file “user.cfg” and for “Save as type” you should choose “All Files”. Now just click the “Save” button and your config file will be stored in the Mass Effect Andromeda folder.


If everything is right, you should now have a file called “user.cfg” in the “\Origin Games\Mass Effect Andromeda” location. Let’s say I want to show the FPS overlay permanently, and I do want to limit the FPS in Mass Effect Andromeda, here is how my “user.cfg” content would look like.



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