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Mesozoica PC Keyboard Controls

5 January 2018, Friday, 18:10:46


PC Keyboard Controls

Camera Controls

WASD/Arrow Keys – Control camera movement in respective directions
Scroll wheel – Zooms in and out
Right click – Grabs a specific point and moves the camera with the mouse
Scroll click – Pivots the camera from specific point
Q/E – Rotates the camera
T – toggles between Tycoon camera mode and Advanced Camera Mode
> Tycoon mode – locks the camera where WASD allows you to only move on the plane you chose
> Advanced Camera mode – free movement across every plane


Building Controls

Z – rotates object by 90 degress
Shift – offsets the object’s height
CTRL + Shift – offsets over the X and Z axis
CTRL + Z – Undo
CTRL + Y – Redo


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