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MidBoss Achievements

26 May 2017, Friday, 0:24:15


MidBoss Achievements
Possess your first creature


On your way
Meet the cat merchant


Cratefish are great fish
Liberate 450 cratefish


Today is not a good day to die
Cheat death


Do you feel lucky, punk
Get a lucky drop with a x16 multiplier


Misery loves company
Share a death card on social media


I’m attacking the darkness!
Destroy 50 inanimate objects with magic missile


Behind the scenes


Stop! Hammer time
Pretend to be a smithy 200 times


Favored by the gods
Gain a major blessing from all four gods


Let me show you how it’s done
Import a death card


Full house
Start a game with 6 pieces of grave goods


Void keeper
Beat the game


90s Kid
Unlock all retro mode filters


Revenge is a dish best served cold
Kill the skeleton and zombie from the intro cutscene


Form grandmaster
Master every form in the game in a single run


Yarnballs for the yarnball god
Accumulate 5,000 yarnballs in a single run


The nuclear option
Kill 6 creatures with a single attack


Vandalize 50 shrines


I can dance all day

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