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Might & Magic Heroes VII Cheat Codes

16 January 2016, Saturday, 16:03:04
heroes Vii 724x334-min
How to activate Cheat Window:

Open “MMH7Game.ini” available on My Documents\My Games\Might & Magic Heroes VII\MMH7Game\Config
With a “Ctrl+F” keyboard shortcut, look for the line containing:

“mDebugCheats=False” (line 276) Replace the “False” by “True” –> “mDebugCheats=True”

Save the document before closing it. Next time you will launch a game, a little “star” will
be available above your command panel, this is the cheat window shortcut.

With Heroes 7 Cheat Window you can

Modify your current Hero stats
Add XP/Resources
Build all buildings in your town
Enable/Disable Manacost
Enable/Disable TurnOver Popup
Enable/Disable Movecost
Enable/Disable Unlimited Building
Enable/Disable Fog of War
Upgrade & Change selected Skills/Abilities

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