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Miscreated PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

13 July 2017, Thursday, 20:16:46


PC Controls

Controls can be accessed at the main menu or in-game by pressing [esc] and selecting controls. You can rebind any action to any key you want by selecting the second collumn of the action under the keyboard layout and entering they key desired for the action.


Use/Pickup/Open – F
Action Menu Down – Mousewheel Down
Action Menu Up – Mousewheel Up
Third/First-Person Camera – F1
Drop Item – J
Primary Attack – Left Mousebutton
Raise/Lower Weapon – Tab
Hold Breath (VoIP Whisper) – L-Shift
Reload – R
Switch Firemode – X
Freelook – Alt
Zoom / Ironsight (if raised) – Right Mousebutton
Zoom In – Mousewheel Up
Zoom Out – Mousewheel Down
Switch Third-Person Shoulder – B
Melee Kick – V
Melee Primary Punch – T
Primary Slot 1 – 1
Secondary Slot 2 – 2
Secondary Slot 3 – 3
Primary Slot 4 – 4
Move Forward – W
Move Back – S
Move Left – A
Move Right – D
Lean Left – Q
Lean Right – E
Walk (VoIP Whisper) – Middle Mousebutton
Sprint – LShift
Crouch – LCtrl
Jump – Space
Sit – Comma
Inventory/Gear – G
Chat – Enter
Switch Chat Channel – Period
Voice Chat – Capslock
Radio: Channel Up – Page Up
Radio: Channel Down – Page Down
Radio: Switch Bands – Home
Headtracking Recenter – RCtrl
Headtracking Supress – RAlt
Vehicle Exit – F
Vehicle Camera Mode – F1
Vehicle Start Engine – R
Vehicle Horn – E
Vehicle Lights – L
Vehicle Brakes – Space
Vehicle Forward – W
Vehicle Backward – S
Vehicle Turn Left – A
Vehicle Turn Right – D
Emote: Hands Up – F2
Emote: Wave – F3
Emote: Middle Finger – F4
Emote: Stop – F5
Emote: Come Here – F6
Emote: Thumbs Up – F7
Emote: Thumps Down – F8
Emote: Shhh (VoIP Whisper) – F9
Emote: Point Finger – F10
Emote: Whistle (Sound) – F11


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