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Moero Chronicle – Monster Girl Traits

19 August 2017, Saturday, 13:37:28


Monster Girl Traits

-Class Leader: If Aura-Attack combos reach 3 or more, Class Leader increases base ATK by 50%
-Innocent: If SP is under 50%, Innocent increases base MDF by 25%.
-Animal Ears: When Otton is angry, the party’s base ATK will be increased by 20% for each Animal Ears in the party.
-Wild: When being attacked while Desire P is over 35%, you can sometimes Counterattack
-Tiny Tlts: When being attacked while desire P is over 45%, you can sometimes Counterattack
-Sadist: When Otton’s Anger reaches maximum, each Sadist will increase the party’s base ATK by 50%
-Tsundere: Chance to reduce damage done to your party by 35% if HP is under 60%.
-Unpredictable: Enables Attack All when HP is reaches 7.
-Big Sister: If SP is under 30%, Lady increases base DEF by 45%.
-Masochist: Occasionally decrease damage to party by 60%, if HP is below 40%.
-Big Boobs: When HP is below 65%, Lolitas will have their base ATK increased by 40%.
-Silly: If HP is under 50%, Silly will increase base ATK by 30%.
-Tomboy: Tomboy will activate Persue and Attack if hit by Aura—-Weaknesses, if Desire P is over 35%.
-Thigh-Highs: If Aura-Attack combos reach 3 ore more, the party will receive 10% less damage from Aura-Attacks.
-Affectionate: If SP is under 60%, Affectionate increases base DEF by 25%.
-Beauty: Chance that when HP is below 80%, damage will be decreased by 10%.
-Twin Tails: When HP is below 50%, Clumsy increases base MAT by 40%.
-Lady: Lady shortens Action Time when Big Boobs, Animal Ears, and Silly are in the party.
-Lolita: If Tiny Tlts and Lolita are in the party, HP and SP will recover by 3% after a battle.
-Magical Girl: When HP is below 30%, Magical Girl increases base MAT by 60%.
-Cute Butt: If SP is under 30%, Cute Butt increases base ATK by 25%.
-Clumsy: Class Leader increases base HP by 100% when 2 more Clumsy are in the party.
-Little Devil: Little Devil will activate Persue and Attack if hit by Aura-Weaknesses, while Desire P is over 35%.
-Passionate: If Aura-Attack combos reach 3 or more, the party will receive 20% less damage from Aura-Attacks.

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